Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tea for Three

A few weeks ago, the three of us went for tea at a local tea house that I had bought a Groupon for.  It was originally for myself and a friend to go, but the coupon was to expire so Seb was a sport and went to the tea house with Lynley and me.  Lynley had the best time.  She loved drinking tea from the cup and dressing up.  She felt like a princess!  She had a little tea and a lot of milk and sugar...but hey...that is a little girl's tea should be.

Lynley has had a lot of practice with tea at home.  Her Aunt Sorina introduced her to hot tea when she was about 1 1/2 and since then everytime I have hot tea at home, Lynley must have some too.

Lynley also enjoyed the other people at the restuarant.  Some women were setting up for a baby shower.  The guest of honor was having a girl and got to see firsthand how much fun they could be.  I didn't tell her the fun comes with an equal measure of trouble! ;-)   Lynley kept saying they were princesses and loved watching the other women!

We have a tea lover on our hands...takes after her momma!  Lynley also had her hand at taking her first picture....not too bad!

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