Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another princess on the way!

Meet Collette with knees to her chest!

This is old news to many of you but I got really behind....may be a constant state with blogging....We are having another baby girl!  We are so excited though daddy would have loved a baby boy. He is excited to have a healthy baby girl!  So far, everything looks great.

At the ultrasound, from the first picture of the face, I knew it was a girl.  The nose just looks like a girl's!!! She is very active.  The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting the pictures she needed because of how much she moved.  You know coming from someone who does it all the time to say the baby is active...that the baby is active.  Probably takes after her big sister.  How I wish you could stockpile sleep!!!

Her feet!!

The Dr. came in and took a million more pictures which made Seb and me very nervous.  After several minutes, he said "Enough pictures of this beautiful baby!"  What a sigh of relief from both of us!  Since then, we have heard only good things from test results,etc.  We are thankful for what appears to be a healthy baby girl and pray that God continues to develop her beautifully! 

This precious love will be named after her grandfathers.  Nicollette Warner....we will call her Collette.  Just a few more months until we meet the little princess until then we have these sweet pictures and her plentiful kicks to know her by.  Lynley is constantly kissing my belly and giving Collette kisses and hugs!!!

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