Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For some of you, this is a long awaited post to see pictures. 
When Lynley woke up in the AM, the Easter Bunny (mom) had set out Easter eggs filled with candy leading to her Easter basket.  She had lots of fun picking up each one to see what candy was in it so much fun that the toys in the basket were small potatoes.  I vow next year that there won't be half as much candy.  We will see if I can stick by that!  She is still eating the candy a month later (she only gets it when she goes on the potty which is at least 1-2 times a day).  


Lynley's first marshmallow chick ever!!!

After the basket, it was off to church looking like a precious little princess in her white Strasburg dress her Aunt Sorina gave her.  Those dresses are quite long (even for a girl in the 95% for height...not sure who they aren't too long for) and we are grateful for Grandma Bunica who took it up a little the night before or Lynley would have been tripping on the dress something fierce.  Lynley looked adorable as all can see.

We had lunch afterwards at a restuarant and after everyone took an afternoon nap, we had Easter dinner.  A custom in Romania is for each person to have a boiled egg and take turns cracking each other's egg going around the table.  As you tap your eggs on your neighbor's, you say in Romanian "Christ is Risen"...you neighbor cracks your egg and says in Romanian, "He is Risen indeed."  Lynley, of course, didn't understand the words but loved cracking the eggs.  I think it was the highlight of dinner for her.  She is still loving making, cracking, and peeling eggs now.  She is quite good at peeling eggs for a 2 1/2 yr old.  I definitely have a great helper in the kitchen.

Couldn't make it through the day without trying on the new rainboots Lynley had been begging for!!

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