Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Firewoman in Training

Last week, we went to a local fire station with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.  Lynley is always fascinated with fire engines though she doesn't like the loud sounds that they make.  The last time that we saw a fire engine that we could get on and sit was at the Easter egg hunt but Lynley was very afraid because the engine was running.  So, going to the fire station was a risk.  She kept her hands over her ears most of the time even though there were never any loud sounds.  After quite a long while, she finally got the courage to get in the fire engine.  Mom had to get in too.

 She loved it once she was in it.  She even tried on the fire hat which is VERY heavy.  She finally asked me to wear it because it was making her dizzy.  No wonder, it probably weighed at least 10 pounds.  After all was said and done, it was a success and Lynley loved it.  She might have loved the fire hydrant outside the station even more.  Fireman are incredible people.  It is amazing the way that they live in order to keep us safe.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna see a wedding!

Lynley has been to two weddings in the past few months.  The first was a very short ceremony so she did great!  She loved seeing all the Princesses (bride and bridesmaids) The last one was more of a traditional wedding and Lynley didn't last 5 minutes in the ceremony...but she had a great time at the reception.  She loved getting dressed up in her Easter dress and wearing Mommy's pearls.  The bride was Korean so they had a lot of Korean and chopsticks.  Our multicultural little girl loved the food and even tried her hand at chopsticks.  She did great!  We were so impressed that she could eat noodles with chopsticks.  A difficult feat for most adults!!!

Lynley also had so much fun running around with other boys and girls at the reception.  Good thing the bride and groom were so laid back and expected that with a lot of children...this is what it would be like!

Potty Training Success Stories

Very proud to announce that Lynley made it a whole day about 3 days ago without diapers (except for sleep time) or an accident. We were home that whole day which made it a little easier.  The next day, Lynley wanted to wear "big girl underwear"/panties while we went to play with some friends at the mall.  I was very nervous because she wouldn't even let me put a pull-up over it....just in case.  I did bring a change of clothes with me but she didn't need it.  YEAH!  This is such a big achievement because when she is playing she tends to get distracted and forget that she needs to go to the bathroom (after being so used to diapers).  She made it again all morning and early afternoon today playing at McDonalds in big girl panties....letting me know when she had to use the bathroom.  She hasn't really used the bathroom anywhere but home except for two days ago.  We are so proud of our big girl!  I know that she will have setbacks...we had a little accident at home today but we are on the way to being potty trained.  Just in time to have another in diapers....at least, it won't be two in diapers!

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

Some of you know that there are a few garden enthusiasts in my family.  My mom and father-in-law are quite in to gardening and/or getting others to grow gardens.  When my mom, AKA Grandma Book, was here in January she bought us some peas to plant.  Grandpa Nick gave us a Topsy Turvy and another kit to grow things. We are trying strawberries in the the Topsy Turvy and trying to grow Snow Peas in the the other kit.  Since we don't have a yard for a garden, our porch is our garden.  I was inspired by all the gardening to try to grow herbs since we use a lot in our cooking. 

Lynley is loving gardening.  She loved the planting and now loves watering her plants though she goes a little overboard sometimes.

We were so excited this week that our first plants, the pea plant, has produced 8 peas at this point.  I don't know how much luck we will have the rest of the summer as it is soooo hot here.  We will see.  Our herbs are growing great!  The strawberries and other peas show not signs of growth...but it is always worth a try.  Here is our proud gardener and one of our prize peas...close up!!!