Thursday, June 2, 2011

Potty Training Success Stories

Very proud to announce that Lynley made it a whole day about 3 days ago without diapers (except for sleep time) or an accident. We were home that whole day which made it a little easier.  The next day, Lynley wanted to wear "big girl underwear"/panties while we went to play with some friends at the mall.  I was very nervous because she wouldn't even let me put a pull-up over it....just in case.  I did bring a change of clothes with me but she didn't need it.  YEAH!  This is such a big achievement because when she is playing she tends to get distracted and forget that she needs to go to the bathroom (after being so used to diapers).  She made it again all morning and early afternoon today playing at McDonalds in big girl panties....letting me know when she had to use the bathroom.  She hasn't really used the bathroom anywhere but home except for two days ago.  We are so proud of our big girl!  I know that she will have setbacks...we had a little accident at home today but we are on the way to being potty trained.  Just in time to have another in least, it won't be two in diapers!

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