Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going to the chapel and we're gonna see a wedding!

Lynley has been to two weddings in the past few months.  The first was a very short ceremony so she did great!  She loved seeing all the Princesses (bride and bridesmaids) The last one was more of a traditional wedding and Lynley didn't last 5 minutes in the ceremony...but she had a great time at the reception.  She loved getting dressed up in her Easter dress and wearing Mommy's pearls.  The bride was Korean so they had a lot of Korean and chopsticks.  Our multicultural little girl loved the food and even tried her hand at chopsticks.  She did great!  We were so impressed that she could eat noodles with chopsticks.  A difficult feat for most adults!!!

Lynley also had so much fun running around with other boys and girls at the reception.  Good thing the bride and groom were so laid back and expected that with a lot of children...this is what it would be like!

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