Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Princess at the Ball

A few weeks ago, Lynley had the privilege of attending one our of precious friend's, Megan's, 4th birthday party.  This was an extremely special birthday party not just because we love Megan, but because it was Lynley's first Princess party.  Lynley doesn't have a "real" princess dress yet, but she didn't really notice.  We dressed her up in a beautiful dress, a tiara, gave her a magic wand, put pretty princess bows in her hair and she was set. 

We actually rehearsed being a princess a few days before.  I had fairy wings for Lynley and she practiced being a Princess Fairy and turning Grandma Book, Grandpa Larry, and, of course, Mommy and Daddy into several different things.  She turned us into frogs that could jump, bagels she could eat, etc. The best part was the "Abracadabra" which came out "Abrateeabra".

Click here to see the video.  (I apologize that it is sideways.  I have spent hours now trying to figure it out and can't find the CD manual.)


When we got to the birthday party, Lynley got to decorate her own princess crown and bag to be used for a scavenger hunt.  The girls looked for and found lots of princess jewelry to wear. 

Then, the girls had the royal treatment with their nails being painted and getting princess tattoos.  Lynley was very pleased with her Snow White tattoo for several days. 

Finally, came the amazing castle cake and ice cream that Megan's mom, Val, made all by herself.  As you can see, it was beautiful and tasted great too.  Val is gong to be the next cake boss!  :-)

Finally, the girls got to have there go at a princess pinata.  Never fear, no princesses were hurt in this process.  The new thing is for everyone to pull on a string and one opens the pinata.   Picking up the candy was great fun though Lynley was timid as she gets quiet with crowds of people.  Mommy and Daddy helped her get plenty of candy.  The biggest hit for her was the candy bracelets.

After a great day at the ball, we headed home before we all turned back to our rags and our carriage turned back into a pumpkin.  It was quite a ball though that Lynley will not soon forget!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing in the Rice Box

Many children have the experience of playing in a sand box when they are little.  Lynley loves to play in the sandbox and one day, God willing, when we have our own yard, we would love to give her one.  Since going to the park isn't something that we can do everyday, all the time, we decided to improvise a little.  At her Mother's Morning Out program and at some play places we go to, they have rice tables that are similar to playing with sand.  Yesterday, I bought Lynley a fun bucket with lots of toys for the beach/sandbox and she was so ecstatic to play with them.  So, we decided to buy a big ole bag of rice and make her a small rice box in the house.   It is quite messy and we only play in the kitchen.  We have upgraded since last night from a towel to a sheet but the love manages to get rice on the kitchen floor anyway.  She is LOVING playing with it!!!  The joys of childhood....

Bouncing Baby In Utero

This past Thursday, we had the extended pleasure of going to the Dr. and getting an ultrasound too.  Our little baby was very active.  The ultrasound technician kept remarking on how much the baby was moving.  You could see him/her doing flips in my belly.  We were able to see the legs kicking around, the arms moving, the face, body, brain.  So far, everything looks good for which we are extremely grateful.   Here is the only ultrasound picture that we were given of our precious little love!  6 more weeks and another ultrasound and we will find out (hopefully) if we are having a little brother or little sister for Lynley!